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Ruined Column (Env 16)


The composition for this study is similar to yesterday’s painting but with a cool pallet and focused on a old man made column that is surround by ruins. Ref from Wikimedia

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Pointy Boulder (Env 15)


Today’s landscape study painting. I thought the rock looked rather cool. I did use some dry brush but mostly stuck with the stanard on for detail. I dont know if that was a good move or not. Ref from Wikimedia

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Daily Paint 30 – Furball


Made it to 30 days in a row!! Yay for me. You probably expected a pokemon.. sorry about that.. oh what the heck… Have some pokemonz!

More hair practice. It was a more of a practice of frustration. I will try again in the future. Sorry for the boring painting. I will do something interesting tomorrow.

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Vandal (Daily Doodle)


Daily Doodle for Sunday. This is a Elite..er I mean this is a Vandal. One of the enemies in Destiny. Vandals are one of the most common enemies in the game. You shoot allot of them. You could mock him by calling him 4 eyes and he wouldn’t even be offended. I even shoot them in my dreams. This was good practice because I haven’t drawn futuristic armor before.¬† I will probably sketch the other enemy races in the future. Reference was official promotional shots for the game.