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Another Dragon Doodle Painting

Dragon_bust_4-14-17 adjI like to doodle and paint dragons. When I have artist block I usually will quickly paint one out of my head .

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Orange Dragon

dragon speed pain 3-29-17One of my favorite and most expressive dragon sketches. I would love to make this a finished painting in the future. Artwork is copyrighted by me (maugryph)

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Dragon Doodle (Daily Doodle)


A quick dragon sketch, I am really only happy with the mouth and the neck. Don’t ask me why it’s purple, it seemed like a good idea at the time..

Also I apologize for not posting for a few days and then bombarding you with art, there is too much going in my life at the moment to post on a daily basis. I try to limit at three a day so I do not annoy anyone.

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Head Portrait, Woman, Surprised (Value Painting / Sketch)

woman female surprised head up mouth open

My daily head painting practice. This one I struggled a bit with.  Because the the perspective was above the viewer’s eye and I not used to drawing a head at such a angle.  But I made it though. I went a half hour over and still didn’t have time for the hair or blending the face so this picture is still quite raw.  I thought the teeth and open mouth would be difficult but it was actually much easier then I anticipated.

Painted in Photoshop
Time spent 1 1/2 hours
copyright 2013 maugryph