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Humanoid Dragon

anthro dragon furry humanoid portrait cartoon realistic lighting concept artwork
This painting has been driving me crazy. this is my second revision of the Humanoid Dragon.

Update: fojap gave me some useful suggestions on some goof ups i did with the lighting, uploaded new version with fixes applied.

Update 2: right hand was completing for focal point,  I put arm down to restore to focal point towards the head.

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Sketches of a frightened woman

sketches woman frightend woman painterly prelimary unfinished

Prelimary sketches I did for a unfinished painting I was working on. I was annoyed with myself when I over exaggerated the feet not once but twice in the prelims. I like the rest of the pose. I didn’t figure what clothing she was going to wear or the setting. Drawn entirely in Photoshop using just a simple airbrush.