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Knights do WHAT to Dragons?


A dragon discovering that the Knight visiting the town next to his cave is not here for a picnic (maybe a bar brawl but not a picnic). It would have to be a very cold hearted knight to slay a dragon with a face like that 😀

This was rendering practice. I tried my utmost to make the surface be as smooth and three dimensional as possible.  I achieved the effect by alternating between brush strokes and smudging. I want my paintings to be professional. My past art has relayed heavily on line too much, and when I did render the painting, I felt that I was too sloppy.  Blending as I go seems to be the best solution at this time.

I know i have been painting dragons regularly for a month now. Before that I feel that I have been jumping around so much before hand that I never got practically good at any subject. Dragons are great for experimentation. So I will be  focusing on three subjects for the next 6 months. The three subjects I will be focusing on are:

Characters doing things. (Characters doing of all types doing stuff, not just standing there like zombies)

Story Illustration (I write a short story about a paragraph long and then make a painting of that scene) Bonus points if it is a epic landscape. double bonus if is a giant monster.

And I would like to continue to improve my dragons.

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Vector Character in a 3D world test

vector character and 3d model combonation test with illustrator and sketchup

Just making make sure this would actually work. I created my first set for my comic in 3d, the dragon’s work area. After I created the set, I experimented with rendering to see what way would be best and tried various toon shaders , flat shading, among other things. I found the best result and it matched with the vector character, as I want it to look as seamless as possible. I’m using techniques used more by animators then cartoonist for this project. I want the comic to look very clean and professional.

Alex and Cruz Project, anthro, anthro art, anthro dragon, anthropomorphic, cartoon, dragon, funny animal, furry, legendary creature, vector art, vector cartoon, web comic

Chris the Dragon

dean dragon anthro funny anima toon dragon furry dragon hero wearing clothes silly

Chris the Dragon is the other main character in the comic. He is a contrast to Jed’s more easy going personallity. His head is also my avatar icon at the moment. Both Chris and Jed where sketched on paper and the created in Adobe Illustrator as a vector graphic.